15/04/2016 – WE-ARE-Z-Easy (2016)

Quintet WE-ARE-Z are our outsider bet to make 2016 the year of Wonky Pop!



WE-ARE-Z write songs in the same way that Camus and Satre looked at the world. While we may see table as a device to put cups of tea and letters on while having a little sit, they might have seen a device that the weight of the world can rest upon without cracking. The same can be said about WE-ARE-Z. They don’t see a relationship as a collection of intimate moments between two people, but continued stories serialised at intermittent intervals, with each moment having a beginning middle and end. This is what their latest opus Easy feels like to us.



Opening with woozy synth sways, chugging guitars and choppy beats Easy inspires a confident and arousing manner, but when the introspective and soul searching lyrics kick in you realise very quickly this isn’t your usual brand of guitar bothering rawk. Part of WE-ARE-Z’s charm is probably their disdain for convention. Nothing is as you’d expect it and just when you think you know what’s going to happen the opposite happens, or at times nothing at all. This disdain probably comes from their inception. The fact that they call their music Wonky Pop should be enough to make you fall in love with this quintet!



Forming after impromptu jam sessions in bass player Marc “Archie” Arciero’s flat after heavy nights out. You can almost hear the conversations that started the band “I love this track. I bet I can play along with it. Where is that bass?”, “This would have been really great if David Byrne had written the lyrics it instead” and “It’s a shame Jacques Brel never released a post-punk album” Where else can you find something that sounds equally like Men at Work, XTC and Serge Gainsbourg, while never sounding like any of them at all!



WE-ARE-Z give you faith in everything. Their music is wonderful and idiotic. Somehow they managed to combine contrasting influences and schools of thought to create lurid soundscapes that would be out of place in either a David Lynch dream sequence and a full on Disney song and dance number. This is one band that isn’t picking the easy path, but who wants to do things the easy way?















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