14/04/2016 – Nova-Tattoos (2016)

Brighton newbies Nova are off to a good start, but lets hope their name also isn’t an allegory for their career



New bands are great. When you listen to a new band for the first time you run an emotional gambit. Like, hate, anxiety, angst and apprehension all take control. After a few seconds you know whether you want to continue and by the end you know if you’ll be playing it again. All these feelings and emotions, plus a slew of others, I went through when listening to Nova, the latest in a long list of new Brighton bands.



It’s hard to judge Tattoos fairly as it’s more of a rough guide for what’s the come, than it is full song. When listening to it you can spot the areas that are marked for drum fills, guitar solo and soaring orchestral strings. But what is on show is Nova’s ability to write emotive lyrics that get you where it hurts and to tell a concise story without being too obvious about the overall themes and stories.



Despite the scratchiness of this recording there is something that is transfixing and beguiling. Under tinny guitars and lyrics filled with renunciation Nova grab you in a primal way. You can’t look away and when you do you can feel it boring into you. This is an impressive thing to do so early on in their career. The only worry is that when they re-record Tattoos everything that makes it remarkable will be washed away and they’ll just sound like every other band.















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  1. I don’t know, Nick. This sounds like a first take to me. And, they got more into the music (and each other’s sounds) as time progressed.
    But, it is not quite there- for me.

  2. The think I like about music is that everyone has there own favorite styles. While this may not be my favorite, it is to someone else, that’s what makes things work .

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