12/04/2016 – Jake Rollins-Figure it Out (2016)

Boston’s bedroom troubadour returns with new song and bigger sound



It feels like eons since we’ve had something new from Bostonite Jake Rollins, but in fact it is actually thirteen months since his debut album was released on New York’s 80N7 records. Now he’s returned with a new song Figure it Out for Memorials of Distinction’s aptly named Sentimental Journey compilation. While this is classic Rollins, it is also a departure from his astonishing debut album Spend A Few, Make A Few.



Previously Rollins was the King of Betsit-Pop. His songs were full of scratchy guitars, woozy vocals and the kind of lo-fi production values that everyone at thisyearinmusic loves. From the muffled looped intro, you realise that you aren’t in Kansas, or Boston anymore. On Figure it Out however everything is clean sounding and there is a majestic pop sheen to the proceedings. Lyrically Figure it Out is a step forward too. In the past he’s used quiet introspection to tell his stories of love, loss and redemption. Now Rollins sounds more confident and, dare I say, brash. What’s more it all sounds a like Suede circa Coming Up era. Never a bad thing.



Let’s hope that this is the opening drop of rain before the monsoon of new material. Rollins is a definite talent, but he needs to release the album that backs up his early praise and promise. Giving the quality of this new track he’s not only figured it out, but managed to capture it!















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  1. Interesting music. Energetic and enjoyable. Sounds like a good jam session. jamilicious.

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