11/04/2016 – Hotei-Move It (2016)

Hotei returns with another slice of big dumb fun!



You probably know Hotei’s music and don’t realise it. If you’ve ever seen Kill Bill then you already know is work. Remember that track with the massive retro beat and incendiary guitar riffs? It was probably played as Uma Thurman cut her way through an unending stream of bad guys before she could get to their boss and another name on her list. Yeah? Cool! That was Hotei. Well since then he’s toured the world, recorded and released seven albums and is has just dropped his latest single, Move It featuring Richard Z. Krupse. You know, him from Rammstein and Emigrate.



Move It perfectly fills the void for fun massive riffed, big beated rock. Hotei and Kruspe aren’t trying to be subtle, or clever with the juxtaposition of the music/guitars/vocals. It just is what it is. A load of fun. Each riff is are more devastating than the last and by the halfway point you are disoriented and thankful for the slight reprieve that Kruspe’s vocals give. While this doesn’t have the same impact as Hotei’s earlier work, it is just as enjoyable. Do yourself a favour today. Indulge in three minutes of riff rock majestry!



Move It is out now















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