09/04/2016 – Moon Bounce-Wingman (2016)

Moon Bounce joins the club we all want to be members of. Activia Benz!



Corey Regensburg AKA Moon Bounce has been making forward thinking music for a few years now. His music is immediately recognisable due to its incendiary beat, R&B leanings and overall fun/tongue in cheek themes and lyrics. Regensburg has unleashed his latest opus, Wingman, onto an unsuspecting world.



Wingman is that unusual track that not only lives up to the title, but the expectation connected to the artist in question. Regensburg has created a track that is part banger, part life lesson. Anyone who has ever had the unfortunate experience of being a wingman knows it’s a horribly degrading and single serving feeling. Luckily Regensburg fills the vocals with pathos, rather than depression.



This shouldn’t come as a surprise to regular readers, but Wingman was released through those beat maniac’s Activia Benz as part of their ridiculous ilovesingles.club. Yet again they’ve made the right choice with adding Regensburg to their roster of the best established and up and coming producers in the world today.















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