07/04/2016 – Oliver Wilde-Bifida (2016)

Oliver Wilde returns with another giddy psych pop sit down classic!



Since 2014’s lusciously ambrosial Red Tide Opal in the Loose End Womb Oliver Wilde has been like a phantom haunting me musically. Everywhere I go and almost everything I listen to I can feel and hear him, permeating through the songs pores and drenching me in a cool psych pop spray. Thankfully Wilde has now returned with a glorious new song Bifida and it’s as if he’s never been away.



Bifida opens with a black and white laconic guitar strum before drums, bass and woozy guitars come streaming out of your speakers in technicolour. Hypnotic kaleidoscopic rhythms form tesseracts of sound that are both two and three dimensional at the same time. As Bifida meanders its giddy and whimsical way along you realise that Wilde is almost at the peak of his powers and everything he has released, thus far, has been sublime and majestic.



After a few listens, as always happens with Wilde, is you start to notice the lyrics more and more. At first it doesn’t really make much sense, but after repeat listens phrases and snatches of words drift by you like faces in a dream. Lyrics like “No now nights wise owls, build us in some meaning, Such eloquence, such a beautiful evening, The Keepsakes are leaving, so precious and just” and “But were cut from the recurring dreams, Where my demons drink kerosene, No body knows why they’ve fire to breathe, But you do well to return in one piece, Happy as can be” say so much, but give up none of Bifida’s hidden secrets and codes.



Rumour has it that album three will be released this year, after twelve months of touring and writing and rehearsing. If Bifida is anything to go by we are in for a treat as Wilde and co march on, following their own path, but leaving technicolour trails everywhere they go!















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