06/04/2015 – The Velvet Hands-Trains (2016)

RSD just got a bit more interesting thanks to the Velvet Hands



It’s getting near that time of year when music fans either love or loath. Record Store Day. I’m not going to get into the whole debate about it, but I will say these few things. Firstly what started as something to help indie labels shift some of their stock in a fun way, has been co-opted by the major labels. Instead of interesting split singles and missed albums having a day to shine we have list that is full of pointless re-issues and inane one offs. Saying that, if someone goes in and buys an Aerosmith re-issue and happens to pick up something from a small DIY, likes it and goes back the next week to buy something else, then isn’t that the whole point? Getting people who don’t normally venture into records buying and listening to records?



Right, that’s enough of the cynicism and naysaying. If you look through the RSD list you will find some releases that are worth getting excited about. One of these releases is by The Velvet Hands. Never heard of them? That doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter that they are a quartet. And them coming from Cornwall means nothing either. All that really matters is that Trains is a fun slab of fuzzy indie pop, played for a sake of playing it, rather than to fulfil a recording obligation.



Yes it does scream turn of the century indie more than it does contemporary social commentary, but that’s fine as it’s a fun track and sometimes you just need a bit of fun in your life. The Velvet Hands’ career is ahead of them, and if they continue to release songs like this, they shouldn’t get derailed any time soon!


Trains is released April 16th through Easy Action Records















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