05/04/2016 – DITZ-Rupert Grint (2016)

Don’t worry! DITZ are your new favourite band!



Remember these names Callum Francis, Anton Mocock, Caleb Remnant and Myles Waring. Individually this might not mean much, but collectively they are DITZ. DITZ are a new band from Brighton. They are so new, that until this week they hadn’t released anything. Thankfully this has now changed. Their debut single as we all know is named after the actor who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter saga, Rupert Grint.



Opening with a droney guitar that slowly mutates, through delay and feedback into a majestic and hypnotic riff. Form this point DITZ and Rupert Grint shift gear and really let rip. Francis’ vocals are somewhere between Mark E. Smith, Beck and Eddie Argos and underpins a lo-fi jangly Motorik Sonic Youth sounding monster of a track. Throughout its six minutes it skews and stutters all over the shop, like a Saturday drunk on the high street, but unlike the drunk it knows exactly what it’s doing and where it should be going.



If their debut opus is anything to go by, DITZ are definitely a band to keep your earballs on. Rumour has it that there is more of this in the pipeline, along with some live shows in the summer. I think we’ve all just found our new favourite band!















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