03/04/2016 – Breathing Waters-Waltz With Me! (2016)

Serene classical for a lazy Sunday!



Right, its Sunday night, its late and you’re hangover has just cleared. You’re far too awake for this time of night. There is only one solution, well two depending on if you have a cold. Firstly make some hot chocolate, and if you have some handy add some crème. This should start to make you feel more tired and ready for bed. Then put sit somewhere quietly and put on The Paper Boy EP by Breathing Waters and contemplate all the good stuff that’s happened this weekend. If nothing good has happened, then think about all the positive stuff that will/could happen next week. Once you’ve had your hot chocolate and listened this this EP a few times you should be ready for bed. If you are feeling ill then take a night nurse, as it’ll help you sleep and be fresh for work tomorrow.



What makes Breaking Waters The Paper Boy EP such a great is their ability to transport you to another place, frame of mind in seconds. After listening to Prelude of the Falling Leave (Main Theme) you could easily be walking through a tree lined boulevard in the autumn as red and amber leaves fall. The delicate piano feels like a soft breeze on your face as you wrap your scarf tighter round your next. Waltz With Me, is a brisk jaunt through moonlit liaisons on patios at parties. We’ve all been there, you go one way to get out of their way, they move same and before you know it you’ve got your own private waltz going on.



Junelight feature Grace Javier is the standout track on the EP, but its change of pace and genre, jumping form neo-classical or 1960’s lounge if a bit jarring, but the interplay of the vocals and composition makes this totally forgivable!















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