02/04/2016 – Henrik the Artist-My Friend (2016)

Henrik the Artist and Activia Benz team up for new EP



Friends are the hardest things to find, but the easiest things to lose. That’s what I was told by an Uncle when I was a kid. At the time I didn’t agree with him and now, thirty years later I still don’t. One things I do argee with, however, is that I do like Henrick the Artist. Last year Henrik released Perfect Workout as part of Activia Benz’ ilovesingles.club series. It was a hyperreal journey into a surreal gym where the instructors are Chip and Dale, the music sounded like it was made out of steel drum samples, Haribo sweets, day-glo cyalume’s and a load Jagerbombs. Now Henrick has returned to Activia Benz with the Friendship EP.



Despite only lasting sixteen minutes there is plenty to engage with. The Prologue is a short sharp burst of epic trance. It is the perfect launch pad for the EP. My Friend Follows on the heels, desperately trying to catch Prologue in a game a tag, but never quite getting the required hit. Massive synths fill your ears and a feeling of euphoria, usually given to sporting events and sugar rushes sweeps over you. As the music builds you look to the sky and nod at passing clouds, this could be an effect of the sugar rush, but everything makes sense. When the beat and the panpipe sounding loop kicks in you wonder how Henrik can match this? Where is there to go? Fret not. Lose You take this blueprint and adds a seductive vocal to it. This combination works so well that you wonder why he didn’t employ it on My Friend? The Moment and Miss Me are as bouncy and ridiculous the previous tracks, but they are also filled with a level of musicality that makes them totally infections. Epilogue closes the EP, with a slightly melancholy and haunting vibe. This level of empathy shows that Henrik isn’t a one trick pony.



But this isn’t the best bit. You can either buy the download, or you can have the physical. Activia Benz have never been ones for conventional releases. Everybody remember Sega Bodega’s tracksuit from last year? This time they’ve released a double sided poster. One side is a picture of an oil painting of someone who looks a bit like Justin Bieber, and on the other side a collection of Henrik’s poetry. Sweet!



From the faux trance intro, Jerusalem-esque in places, The Friendship EP gets off on messing not only with your head, but body. Part of you wants to laugh, part of you wants to dance and part of you wants to go out with mates and get some KFC, while you blare this in at full volume so the bass shakes buildings into rubble. Then on the rubble you eat your bargain bucket watching the sun set with your ragtag band of bass, and chicken, loving friends.



The Friendship EP is out now on Activia Benz















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