01/04/2016 – The Orielles-Jobin (2016)

The Orielles and Art is Hard team up to release one of the most inventive 7” singles of not just 2016, but recent memory!



Siblings in bands is normally a good thing, it makes good copy, the inter band conflicts can be based in childhood issues rather than musical direction but for every Cribs, Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. and White Stripes* you get a Spandau Ballet, New Kids on the Block and Oasis.



Luckily the Orielles are in the first camp. Consisting of two sisters Esme and Sid Hand-Halford and their mate Henry Wade, their music their music reminds you of then you were first getting into music and everything was a revelation. You liked the harmonies of the Beach Boys, the visceral noise of lo-fi indie, the melodies of Philip Glass and playfulness of pop music. On their new EP, Jobin, The Orielles have managed to cram if full of throwaway lyrics and melodies, but root it with a pop sensibility covered in reverbing guitars. Basically it hints to a great future.



The title track meanders it’s why into your psyche with catchy lyrics and a melodic rhythm section and a solo that gives you a smile. Twin Freaks, who doesn’t like a pun title?, follows on in the same vein, but there is an element of deep brooding and melancholy that shows you that the sisters Hand-Halford and Wade are capable of making you think as well as making you sway. Sliders closes the EP on a sombre surf riot grrrl vibe .



As Jobin is being released through those good people at Art is Hard, they aren’t content with giving you just the music, oh now. The flexi disc is green and housed in a colouring book. What better way to while away the hours than listening to this EP and relaxing with a bit of colouring.



While the Jobin EP isn’t perfect, its imperfections are incredibly enjoyable. And this is the point of the EP. The Orielles aren’t the finished article and Jobin is a work in progress. In a way it’s like a Rembrandt sketch or a David’s Tennis Court Oath. It is brilliant to listen to, and hints at what’s to come, but there is roughness to it that lets you know that the band are still growing and finding their feet. And this is the really exciting thing!



Jobin EP is out now on Art is Hard Records















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Yes they weren’t actually related, but you get the point


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