30/03/2016 – Psychic Ills-I Don’t Mind (2016)

Psychic Ills returns after a three year absence with new single and band



It’s been three years since the last Psychic Ills album. Shit! Has it really been three years? Wow! Anyway, time aside, One Track Mind was released in 2013 and since then they’ve toured, rested, jammed and toured, in various orders, but in June their fifth album Inner Journey Out will be released. The first track from this opus is I Don’t Mind, a lazy sunset tinged faux-country/faux psych ditty that features Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval.



I Don’t Mind starts off with a slow guitar riff and builds the momentum until a luscious wurlitzer kicks in and, well, you’re floating away with the melody into the ether of burning sunset, then Tres Warren’s vocals kick in and you’re grounded to the spot, just swaying in the breeze. The highlight of the song isn’t the exquisite harmonies, precise drumming, meticulous bass, but the delightful slide guitar solo. When that antes up to its zenith its game over. All that’s left to do is smile, hold it and wait for the next one to replace it.



Inner Journey Out is released June 3rd on Sacred Bones
















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