28/03/2016 – Chaika-I Fall (2016)

Leeds quartet Chaika show off their darker side on new track



If anyone thought psych was something that happened in past to people wearing paisley shirts with colours sunglasses bowl-cuts is mistaken. Over the last few years psych has made a dramatic return to stages and speakers throughout the country. The exact reason, like the original sound, isn’t quite known, but what is apparent is that the quality of music is very very high!



One band who are marking themselves apart from the pack is Leeds quartet Chaika. They’ve added a darker element to create something being branded as psych noir. If you like hypnotic riffs, pounding drums, throbbing bass and insightful lyrics, Chaika are for you! New song I Fall has all this and what’s more its lyrics aren’t straight forward either. “‘I Fall’ saw us writing about writing. From Philip Larkin to Charles Bukowski, the track charts the necessary enslavement of a writer to the craft; an experience which is one part ecstasy, one part terror. Abetted by the repetitive march of instrumentation, it’s a matter of stoic commitment.” Lead singer Joe Evans recently said.



From the opening cyclones of guitar slowly spin around you while a driving rhythm section propels I Fall in a slow moving path of destruction. But this isn’t just another psych track, oh no, there are elements of Post-Punk, Krautrock and Motorik here too that keep things fresh, while you fall on your knees in a jibbering heap and hope it never ends!

















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