27/03/2016 – ₭ ₡ V $ V ∅ ¥-Self Seen Mine (2016)

Kcus Uoy teams up with Amajin Records to continue their mission statement of forward thinking instrumental music



It’s Easter Bank Holiday, the night is drawing in. You’re in a food coma because you’ve eaten too many Easter Eggs and hot crossed buns, but don’t worry your musical answer is at hand!



₭ ₡ V $ V ∅ ¥, KCVSVOY or Kcus Uoy, in all fairness I don’t really care how it’s pronounced or written, as the music speaks for itself. It’s a mixture of Hip-Hop, Trap, Gothic Electronic whilst never committing 100% to any of them, yet sounding like all of them at once.



Self Seen Mine is the standout track on the album. Opening with eerie vocals and a deep bassline that, if played loud enough, could do more damage than the San Andreas Fault! This is a mixture of everything dark and sinister, bouncy and vibrant, bassy and extreme, eerie and atmospheric and totally listenable. The rest of the album is chocked full of inventive forwarding thinking productions and insightful concepts.



KCVSVOY is a name that needs to be watched, because like his music cannot be ignored!



KCVSVOY is out now on Amajin Records.















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