26/03/2016 – Firesuite-Deadbeat (2016)

Sheffield Post-Rock Quintet Firesuite look set to eclipse their impressive debut



When you think of Post-Rock and Sheffield one band comes to mind: 65daysofstatic. Fifteen years ago, man has it been that long… , 65 burst on to an unsuspecting music scene with a brand of glitchy electornic infused Post-Rock. Anyone who saw those early shows had an image for four young men thrashing about on stage creating music that they had no right to make. Since then they have become a household name in selected homes around the world.



Now there is a new name on the Sheffield Post-Rock scene. Firesuite. Maybe it’s the Yorkshire water, or the Steel City’s industrial past that helps create such a vibrant and prolific music scene. Since their 2011 acclaimed debut album You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother, Firesuite have been touring and making a name for themselves. Now they’ve returned with lead track Deadbeat. Opening with a deep synth tone mixed with that of a boiling kettle, Deadbeat slowly ratchets up the drama and intrigue until it all kicks off! Chugging metal-esque riffs barrage the senses while unrelenting bass and drums pummel what resistance you have left into submission. But this isn’t all tenacious moxie. It is also an exercise in melody and restraint. Yes at times it’s a full on assault to the senses, but then they drop it down, show off their collective skill at harmony and concord.



Will Firesuite steal 65’s throne while they’re hibernating? We’ll see, but what is apparent is that Sheffield has produced another band that isn’t content with recreating past musical turns and conventions and wants to do their own thing their own way! The countdown to album two has begun…
















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