25/03/2016 – DESPAIR-LIES (2016)

Drone Vaporwave done the Canadian way!



Some people have argued that the more you are told, the less enjoyment it brings, as its better to work things out for yourself. While I kind of agree with this, when the release is a concept album this came make for a more fulfilling experience. Take the latest DESPAIR release ESCAPE. The press release says “THE YEAR IS 2997, MEGA-CORPORATIONS HAVE BECOME THE LAW. SHAPING THE RULES TO THEIR WILL. LIFE HAS BECOME EXCRUCIATING, FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ARE NO MORE. PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER TREATED AS PEOPLE BUT AS WORKERS. ONE DAY, A CERTAIN WORKER BROKE AWAY FROM HIS FORCED ROUTINE AND FOUND A MYSTERIOUS PATH. THIS WAS HIS CHANCE. THIS WAS HIS WILL. THIS WAS HIS ESCAPE.”



After reading that images from Orwell, Huxley, London, Zamyatin, Ballard and Max Headroom dance through your brain. It’s a bleak future, but it’s one that isn’t a million miles from where we are now. Musically EASAPCE is as dark and bleak as the description suggests, but there is also an element of humour too. After the short intro track HELL, the rest of the album is a broody, somewhat disjointed affair at times that takes ‘borrows’ and ‘samples’ heavily from contemporary pop music. Imagine of Marcel Duchamp was alive now and making music. There is a readymade quality to it, but like Duchamp twisting the meaning through subverting the objects original meaning, these samples have been twisted, skewed, sped up and slowed down until you can’t even work out what they are.



The second track LIES sums this up perfectly. LIES is fundamentally a re-working a Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. From the chopped up beats, diffused bass and zombie like vocals it’s like something that would be the number one record in the Black Lodge!













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