24/03/2016 – Air Max’97-FD1 (2016)

Air Max’97 just joined one of the most elusive and forward thinking groups of producers going!



The phrase “A picture says a thousand words” is true. When I look at the art work for Air Max ‘97’s new single FD1 I just hear “THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING!” two hundred times. Before we get into why this is an amazing cover lest just dissect its elements a first. Straight away your eye is drawn to the explosion. What’s caused it? Was it a freak natural occurrence, or did something plan it under the rock porous rock that is now about to enter the stratosphere? Next we notice the black and yellow hoop. This brings perspective and scale into the mix. Like how big is that thing? Is it croquet sized, or like the Wembley arch? Does that mean the rock is actually just a big bit of dirt or is this a meteor sized chunk? Our eye is then drawn to the mushroom. This is the mysterious instigator of the initial explosion or just a harmless bystander, and what at the other mushrooms doing? Has one thrown itself on the other to protect it, or is there a slightly ruder answer to their embrace? Then lastly we see the rock in front of the hoop and why is it wearing a shining green medallion? The answers to all these questions will sadly never be answered, but one thing is for sure, this is my favourite Activa Benz cover to date!



As the artwork is an introduction to the track itself FD1 more than lives up to it. In fact once you’ve played it a few times it all starts to make sense. The minimal techno leanings that kicks everything off plays into the dark starkness of the back ground. The stuttering, glitching nature could be rock blasting off in slow motion. By the half way mark you think you’ve got FD1 all worked out. It’s a masterclass in minimal production. Then, as your eye is drawn to medallion, a haunting repetitive loop enters the mix and things start to get a bit Philip Glass/Terry Riley. FD1 has mutated into something that wasn’t expected from its minimal salvo. The outro is a thig of beauty and its only flaw is that it isn’t longer, but better to keep us wanting more than be bored right?
















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