23/03/2016 – CΔT- PORCELAIN GOD (2016)

CΔT flexes more than his musical muscles on new double A-Side single



The only problem with CΔT’s new double A-Side single PORCELAIN GOD // STUCK is that it isn’t autumn. This would be perfect to play as you’re walking home from work, just after the gloaming has kicked in. The smell of bonfires and car exhausts fills the air and every pub and restaurant is steamed up and looks like the warmest and most inviting place ever. It’s cold so you pull your jacket closer to you and turn your collar up, but the cold still gets in. When you get in turn on the heating, but the pilot light has gone out so you’re forced to either brave it in the cold until bedtime or put n layer after layer until you warm up. As you pull the curtains you can look into your neighbour’s houses. They’re settling down watch the TV after their evening meal, while your only entertainment is reading a book of collective Arthur Machen stories. Eventually you decide to go to bed and drift off into a warming sleep, but you are woken during the night but a bush scratching at the window. When you wake up, you realise that the boiler came on in the night and the house is too hot now, and when you leave for work, the outside world seems even colder and less caring than usual.



Or you can take PORCELAIN GOD // STUCK for what they are. Five minutes of dark Forward thinking dance music that skirts Hip-Hop, darkwave, witch house, Avant-Garde electro and minimal techno. PORCELAIN GOD starts with a heavy menacing beat while bass blips and eerie synths fly and flay around us like a maelstrom of banshees. Never actually touching us, but definitely doing their best to freak us out. STUCK on the other hand opens with tonal synth that has the density of fog. After a quarter of the song gone, the first tangible beat kicks in, but its fleeting. This is a track that is definitely all about texture and tone, and STUCK is all the better for it!















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