21/03/2016 – The Death of Pop-Locomotive (2016)

The South’s premier New-Gazers the Death of Pop return with the first offering of a slew of releases!



After a busy 2015 gigging here, there and everywhere, putting out the Runts compilation, Gardens 7” on Too Pure and being playing on Made in Chelsea, The Death of Pop have started 2016 slowly. Apart from some celebratory gigs, most notably at Brighton’s Green Door Store, the only news from TDoP camp was the signing of Richard Dent in the January transfer window. But it appears that this bit of deadline day dealing has started to pay off as new song Locomotive is one of the most immediate and catchy songs in TDoP’s arsenal.



Opening a monotonous guitar, the song then explodes with a barrage of riffs, crisp drumming and Dent’s trademark pendulant bass. The chorus is a call and response affair between the vocals and guitars. This juxtaposition counterpointed by the nature beat helps to conjure up more images of moving and trains. As usual the lyrics has a melancholy sheen to them. What’s wrong with these boys? They write amazing songs and look like the Peddlers on stage. You almost want to give them a hug and a pint, but with songs this good, I’m happy for them to wallow in existential angst!



Locomotive is the sound of a band who know what they are doing and where they are going. It also sounds like they’re coming in to their own where everything they release is gold. Long may this continue! Rumour has it that there is more in the pipeline this year. If this is the quality so far 2016 will be a very good vintage!



During the song the lyrics “You are right, I’m always wrong” is sung. In this case I’m going to have to argue with you there TDoP, this far from wrong, in fact it’s pretty damn right!
















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