20/03/2016 – Theater 1-Thomas (2016)

Theater 1 continues the /12 series. We’re almost at the end people!



“Whooop, Whooooop, Whoooooooop” is how Thomas, by Japanese Juke and Footwork producer Theater 1, starts. Subtle synths and glitchy noise are the order of the day until the glitch turns into the beat. This isn’t for the main room, and that’s what makes it such a clever production. Just when you think you’ve got it worked out Theater 1 skews things slightly and Thomas is off in an entirely different direction. Just take the final quarter. From the opening that was not predicted!



As the title of the single suggests this is the ninth release out of twelve. Since July 2015 the previous eight releases have shown a pretty liberal use of bass, tweeters and an almost total disregard for conventional production technique! Let’s hope that Theater 1 finishes the project this year as this is something that needs to be heard in full, rather than as select singles, only when you play all the tracks together does its overall theme make sense. Motifs come and go, slightly changed, but recognisable. Thanks to their being altered the meaning is slightly different and their impact is different.
















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