19/03/2016 – K.Flay-FML (2016)

K.Flay returns with new single and hopefully a new album to boot!



K.Flay has it. She’s always had it and she has it in droves. Her music fits nicely between R&B pop, indie dance and laid back hip-hop. Her productions are masterclasses in wonky synths and crisp beats. The juxtaposition between them is what set her apart from her peers.



In 2014 Flay released her official ‘debut’ album Life as a Dog. It was forty five minutes of absorbing productions and social commentary laced lyrics. Since then she’s gone a bit quiet, release wise, but she has now returned. New single FML starts with woozy synth sways until a Flay’s laconic vocals kicks in. The chorus, as with most of Flay’s tracks, is a monumental exercise catchy lyrics and glorious production. At three and a half minutes long it passes fairly quickly, but it doesn’t get boring with repeat listens, far from it, the more you play it the more secrets it yields. The only real downside with FML is the lyrics. Flay’s has never been the greatest lyricists, and it’s her production that is the main event here. At times the lyrics get in the way of the subtle production flourishes she effortlessly uses to create emotionly and passionate soundscapes of captivating, forward thinking music.



Will FML be part of a bigger body of work or a stand along single, we’ll have to wait and see, but either way it’s great to hear K.Flay doing what she does best. As yet she’s never released the album that she hinted at with her early promise, but let’s hope she drops her magnum opus sooner than later!



FML is out now on Bummer Picnic Records
















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