18/03/2016 – Outblinker-Farrokh Bulsara (2016)

Outblinker return with new EP ahead of album release later in the year



Sometimes you stumble upon a band, and sometimes a band stumbles upon you. I remember sitting in my lounge last year checking my emails. One was simply titled “Outblinker-Pink”. On one hand it could be taken as ominous and on the other hand non-descript. I opened the email, read the short press release and then opened the link. The next few hours were a blur, but all I remember is Pink and Blue soundtracked it. After the first listen I had bought the 10”. My original review of that single never ran where it was meant to, but I didn’t mind as I had a new favourite band.



It’s about a year later now and I’m again in my lounge, but in a different city, and while checking my emails I saw one that my eye was immediately drawn to “Outblinker-The Remains of Walter Peck EP”. I opened it and pressed play. Instantaneously the room was filled with a wash of noise, swaths of layered synths, vibrant drums and crashing guitars. The second track Farrokh Bulsara jumped out at me and I found it hard to fend it off, and eventually I was overpowered by not only its power, and hidden strength, but by its sheer relentlessness and over the top sound. But considering that it’s named after one of the most flamboyant and powerful singers of the past thirty years it’s not really a surprise is it?



The Remains of Walter Peck EP is out for pre-order now, click on the link below, as this bunch of sonic assassins have written three songs that are pulsating to get out of internet and on to your turntable. But the ultimate question is, would Farrokh Bulsara be happy that his name was being used to title something so visceral and atonal? Probably. Let’s hope he’d also be jealous that he never looked outside of the music he made to create something so free and without boundaries, for that is what Outblinker have done. Can’t wait for to see what they do next!



The Remains of Walter Peck is released May 6th through Stabbed in the Back Records



















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