17/03/2016 – Mr. Yote-Rather Rowdy Regiment (2016)

Mr. Yote proves that Horror Core is alive and well in 2016



Where to being with the latest offering from Mr. Yote? Firstly its chocked full of the infectious beats, freaky bass wobbles and inspired loops that has made him the toast Sacramento and the world. Secondly it features some of the most fuzzed out lyrics this year. Yote can’t take all the credit for this, he’s joined with long-time collaborator Yungeth Dre. If you were a fan of their 2014 Frank & Stein EP, then this will be right up your street. In fact Rather Rowdy Regiment eclipse that EP in places.



Opening with woozy bass, Addams Family finger clicks and faux Oogie Boogie vocals, Rather Rowdy Regiment gets off to a rather impressive Horror Core gait. Then everything goes 3-D with layers of synths, loops and eerie hooks not only jostling for our attention, but teaming up to create something that bounces and entertains. Yote’s and Dre’s vocals get more and more impassioned and spectral until they reach their other-worldly zenith around two minute mark, then the outro kicks in and everything start to wind down in to a blissed out, ghost house finale.



Yote uses sound like Rembrandt and Turner used paints. They didn’t just use it for colour and detail. Oh no, they slathered it on and used finger nails, brushes and their bare hands to move smear and gouge it into what they saw in their minds eye. Mr. Yote does the same. He uses sound not to create something pleasurable, which Rather Rowdy Regiment is, but it is a heavily layered, flaked and laminated until you can almost see the music emanating from the speakers. Given that Yote has already released the exquisite Terrible Tales of Scurvy Jones last month and his track record for out there concept albums and his semi-prolific output it’s safe to say this isn’t the last thing we’ll hear from him this year.
















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