16/03/2016 – Slick Don-Brap (2016)

Slick Don and Walter Ego team up again for another slice of Grime majesty



Collaborations are what make music great. The dream is for the artists working together to end up with something that sits between both of their styles. This is exactly what has happened with Slick Don’s new single, produced by Walter Ego and released through Bad Taste Records.



Don’s raps have the machine gun delivery that has made him a name on the scene in recent years. Ego’s 808 heavy production is as epigrammatic as ever. At times it feels like the laidback response to their 2012 track In Control. That track was glitchy, in your face and all over the shop with bass wobbles and fast break beats. If In Control was a musical representation of a Saturday night out, Brap feels like a reflective Sunday morning. You remember what you’ve done. Some of which you aren’t that happy about, but you’ve made your bed and you’ve got to lie in it. It’s this unapologetic vibe of “This is me. Deal with it” that makes Brap work so well.



What Brap also does well is give show us that Grime is nowhere near being done. For every artist that crosses over, at least five step up to fill that place. While Slick Don isn’t a new comer to the scene, far from it, he is showing his intentions and skills. A special mentioned should be given to producer Walter Ego. His beats are crisp and sharp. The bass is subtle, but strong, and the instrumental is just as strong as the vocal A-Side. Bad Taste? Not at all!
















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