13/03/2016 – Kelly Lee Owens-1 of 3 (2016)

Kelly Lee Owens looks set to release one of the albums of 2016!



In 2014 a little known artist released a song. The artist was Kelly Lee Owens and the song was called Lucid. Like the title states it was full of bright and pellucid beats coupled synths and keys that envelope you while the vocals keep the whole thing grounded. Then last year Owens released Uncertain. It showed that Lucid wasn’t a one off and she was capable of not only writing emotive music, but through captivating hushed, almost whispered vocals, she could pull you in like a siren.



Since then she’s been on a rollercoaster ride of touring and writing her debut album. The first fruits of creative period has been released. 1 of 3 is another dose of post-pop perfection. Owen’s time with Dan Avery and Ghost Culture appears to have paid off as the production is as tight as it is gauzy. Instead of opening to a crescendo of beats or delayed ridden synths, 1 of 3 starts with a synth which has the density of steam, but the impact of concrete! After a few seconds you are flawed not by its beauty, but by how much Owens has grown and progressed since Lucid. When the beat kicks in is starts subtle, and at first you don’t even reason it’s started, but as 1 of 3 slowly goes on it becomes louder and louder and by the end it’s the most integral part of the song. Again, vocally, Owens sounds Julee Cruise ethereal, ambient and devastating.



Given Owens previous singles and 1 of 3, her debut album looks set to be one of the stand out releases this year. Knowing what we do about Owens, it’s pretty safe to say that she will justify all the hype and press she’s got over the last few years and she won’t release anything she’s not happy with. Somehow thisyearinmusic was one of the first sites to pick up on this insanely talented and humbled artist. 1 of 3, 9 out of 10 more like!
















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