12/03/2016 – M-UGGR333-đŏή’† ßε šςαrĕđ (2016)

Witch House never sounded so captivating than on M-UGGR333’s latest EP!



Woozy, wonky and wonderful are three words to describe Madrid’s M-UGGR333. On new EP đŏή’† ßε šςαrĕđ everything Witch House, darkwave, glitch house and electronic bass is covered, yet you might not realise it after a first listen.



đŏή’† ßε šςαrĕđ doesn’t open with a peel of beats, synth, bass or vocals, far from it, it’s far more subtle than that, but that’s what the best music always does isn’t it? It never reveals everything immediately, it makes you work for it. Due to an inspired production everything is buried under a ton of delay and my dears, it sounds better for it. Well it does doesn’t it?



乇ໄპɯპท☨ଌ mixes things up slightly by having a slightly operatic vocal shimmering on top of it. The added texture gives 乇ໄპɯპท☨ଌ enough difference to shake things up a bit, but at the same time its’ all in keeping with what’s become and what’s to come. ᏰℓǝΛ̣кήǝѕ̶ѕ̶  closes the EP in fine form. Sounding like any artist from Warp Records’ gold age, 1990 – 1996, its glitches along for its five minute duration. It’s the hardest hitting song on the EP and times feels drunk under its own swaying production!



But in a weird way, despite of this enthralling production, this sounds like a river of luxury. Elegant tones and magnificent melodies caress our collective ears, but in the middle of all this burns the fire of an idea, and that idea is, well frankly, a murky bubbling maelstrom that doesn’t unveil must with each listen.



  • ◇†۞† · e n j o y · †۞†◇·

















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