11/03/2016 – Xiu Xiu-Falling (2016)

Where Xiu Xiu are from, the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air



Everyone at thisyearinmusic loves Twin Peaks as much as we love art rock and experimentalism. So yesterday was pretty much our dream, apart from we’ve all got that cold that’s going around. In case you missed the news, Xiu Xiu are releasing a Twin Peaks inspired album, Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, for Record Store Day. When I say inspired I don’t mean they’ve written a bunch of songs that sound like they could be played in the Road House  or the Black Lodge, no, what they’ve done is cover/interrupt their favourite songs from the Twin Peaks universe.



So far they’ve only released their version of Falling, Julee Cruise’s vocal version of the original theme. It’s everything you’d expect given Xiu Xiu’s track record and back catalogue. Opening to the noise of a fizzing amp, Falling starts off sombre, until the iconic riff kicks in. Instead of copying Cruse’s vocal performance completely, Xiu Xiu strip it back to its raw ingredients. Emotion and vulnerability rule the day over a soaring vocal range. Musically however the song picks up on the show’s themes of industry and the supernatural. Industrial sounding beats juxtapose ethereal guitars and synths creating something that, like the show, gives you the feeling of lurid Déjà vu.



This is the first Xiu Xiu album since 2014’s Angel Guts: Red Classroom and Unclouded Sky. The full tracklisting for Plays the Music of Twin Peaks



01 Laura Palmer’s Theme
02 Into the Night
03 Audrey’s Dance
04 Packard’s Vibration
05 Nightsea Wind
06 Blue Frank Pink Room
07 Sycamore Tree
08 Harold’s Theme
09 Dance of the Dream Man
10 Falling
11 Love Theme Farewell
12 Josie’s Past



Plays the Music of Twin Peaks is out on RSD through Polyvinyl in the US and Bella Union in Europe
















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