10/03/2016 – Silfredim-Simple Life (2016)

Sometimes you hear a song that totally takes you back. It’s not what you wanted to hear, but it’s what you NEED to hear. You’re stuck in the humdrum details of your life doing something nominal or tedious and then a song comes on and it makes you take a step back, reassess what you’re doing and move on from that moment but with more vim and vigour.



Simple Life by Silfredim is one of these songs. A few of you might wrinkle your noses, take off your glasses and furrow your brows when it starts. Yes it’s classical, but this isn’t a bad thing. I personally feel sorry for people who have never enjoyed Vaughan Williams or Phillip Glass because if classical, their music is life affirming and euphoric, but at the same time I feel that people who only listen to classical music because they think everything else is base are missing out on a world of pleasure and endless possibilities.



Opening with a beautiful layered piano passage, Simple Life then vaults up the emotional content a soaring string section. As Simple Life continues there is a call and response pattern between the strings and piano, with each reply throwing down the gauntlet. The touching tenderness of the piece is underpinned by its luscious and lavish sounding instruments. This is anything but simple!

















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