09/03/2016 – Dream Wife-Kids (2016)

Reykjavik/London/Brighton’s Dream Wife are set to release new EP on Cannibal Hymns



Last year Cannibal Hymns exploded onto the scene with a trio of releases that showcased their ethos of forward thinking indie, but laden with pop hooks. First up Tigercub released the You/Destory, then Morning Smoke put out the cassingle Soft Decay/How Does it Feel. It was a high water mark in a year of high watermarks. Morning Smoke are the pretenders to The Wytches throne as the kings of Freak City’s live scene. Our Girl completed this coven with their single Sleeper, which was full of beatitude and felicity, but set to a shoegazing beat.



Now Cannibal Hymns are set to release their fourth release. This time it’s by the power pop punk trio Dream Wife. Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go and Bella Podpadec started the band as a project to pastiche girl bands, but overtime it immerged into a fully-fledged project. Yes this trio still ramp everything up and shower it with glitter, but at the core there are serious songs and that’s all that matters.



Lead single Kids, shows this in abundance. At just over four minutes its jumps, shimmies and dances through insightful lyrics and infectious guitar riffs. Mjöll’s vocals glisten against the stark, but poppy music. And as for the other three songs, well, let’s just say if you like this you won’t be disappointed!



Dream Wife-EP01 is released March 11th through Cannibal Hymns




















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