08/03/2016 – Goat Sacrifice-Misty (2016)

Smooth jazz with a hard edge!


“recorded for a scholarship. some songs are cut short or mixed differently due to requirements by judges.” is the only writing that accompanies the Pop Bop Goes Punk Volume 1 EP. Now if this is true, and why shouldn’t it be Goat Sacrifice could yield some great cuts in the future, given that his is basically their audition tape!



Comprising of two musicians Luke Wilmoth on piano and bass and Brendan Nagy on drums, this duo sound like they could easily keep a room entertained for hours, through simple arrangements and delicious improvisational moments.


There is an element of recognition to Pop Bop Goes Punk, that instantly draws you into the songs, but after that initial moment of “I know this…?” you realise that Wilmoth and Nagy have played you, and now you’re listening to make sure that this isn’t a new arrangement of an old favourite. Whether they’ll bring more people into Goat Sacrifice, or it’ll just be a one EP deal, we’ll have to wait and see. But for now I’m dimming the lights, pouring myself a nice hot cup of tea and will lose myself in a good book with this as my soundtrack. I suggest you do the same. Who goes out on a Tuesday anyway…

















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