07/03/2016 – Amaroun-Bedbugs (2016)

Northampton’s Amaroun could 2016’s dark horse for album of the year…



What is Alt-Folk? Loosely its folk music that has catchy pop melodies, advanced technically playing and lyrics that run the gambit between social commentary and pathos laden stories. Sometimes other elements from indie/rock are brought in, drum machines, loop/FX pedals and any instrument that complements either the song, or its lyrics. Generally it’s played by young musicians who are mixing their broad influences together.



Amaroun exemplifies the latest batch of UK Alt-Folk musicians. Hailing from Northampton, once a hot bed for folk and the dancing men, her vocals and playing are classic folk, ethereal voice with dextrous guitar work, but her music has more in common with acts like Portishead and Tunng. Programmed beats and loops add texture and help give the song a different context then if it was just voice and guitar.



Bedbugs is Amaroun’s debut single, released March 14th on YOY Records. In the pipeline there will be a series of animated videos that will tell the story of her debut album in a visual and abstract fashion. To celebrate this release Amaroun will be performing at Rye Lane in London on March 18th.



Bedbugs is Amaroun’s debut single, released March 14th on YOY Records

















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