05/03/2016 – DJ Karaoke-This Beat (Featuring Yoshi) (2016)

Activia Benz show that their music isn’t just for night-time sojourns to bars and clubs



There is a lot of free music on the internet. A lot of it is drivelling dross, made by musicians who have no real idea what they are making it in the first place, other than as a vanity project. But if you look for it, you’ll find a lot of good music too. One of the best places to discover your new favourite songs and producers is Activia Benz’ ilovesingles.club. This never ending series started in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength since. Last year Ricky Eat Acid release wasn’t just an amazing release for the label, but for the year. It was arguably one of thisyearinmusic’s favourite songs of the year.



DJ Karaoke has now been added to the AB alumni with a collaboration with Yoshi simply called This Beat. Woozy synths and fast paced beats propel This Beat from laidback filler to an intelligent track that unveils more secrets and pleasure with each listen. At three and half minutes it fits into classic pop territory while having on foot firmly in the clubs.



What makes This Beat such a banger is its ability to be played a deafening loudness in clubs and bars and in the comfort of your own home while relaxing after a heard day. This duality is another reason to embrace Activia Benz and their A&R team, whose diligence in finding the hottest producers for their on-going series is second to none.














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