04/03/2016 – Boxed In Featuring Formation-Running Out (2016)

Speedy Wunderground have changed the rules with their latest release thanks to Boxed In!



I’m starting to get worried as Dan Carey, producing savant, appears to do no wrong. Not satisfied with having a CV to die for, and releasing the genre bending SEXWITCH project with Natasha Khan, he’s found time for another recording session for his Speedy Wunderground project. What makes Speedy Wunderground so refreshing is that there are certain rules in place for every session. The three main ones are the song must be written and recorded in 24 hours and it must be mixed and out the door for mastering the following week and there are only 250 copies per 7”. This level of speed, no pun intended, means there is no messing about. Previous alumni are Steve Mason, Kate Tempest, Natalie Bang Bang, Teleman and JUCE! to name a few.



This time the artist in question is Oli Bayston AKA Boxed In but he’s brought some friends in the form of Formation. The song, like Bayston’s 2015 debut album, treads the thin line between indie and dance music. There is a bounce to it, that all the best music should have regardless of genre, that makes it hard to ignore. Lyrically its hard to know if Bayston and co are talking about a relationship or the World that is running out of time?



So far have been fifteen Speedy Wundergournd releases and this marks the sixteenth. But don’t get dispondant. Before you know it another one will be released and there is the Year 2 compilation being released in June, but more on that later. Your only worry now is that SW16 will run out before you click on the link below to order yours!














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