03/03/2016 – SONANCE- That’s What it’s Like (2016)

SONANCE go ‘pop’ on new EP Blister the Maw…



Last year SONANCE released the MIRROR AND VIE project. It could be taken as an album in its own right, or as a companion to 2012’s LIKE GHOSTS, either way it proved why they’re slowing becoming the worst kept secret in metal. Then they went quite. A few cryptic pictures here and there alluded that they were squirrelling away in a studio somewhere on new material. This material has now started to be released.



So far they’ve released the Blister the Maw EP, announced a split 12” with TORPOR, the physical is officially released in April, and rumour has it there is more to come.



That’s What it’s Like opens with field recordings, ambient noise, almost inaudible ghost-like vocals and what sounds like a Theremin. As the song progresses the music slowly grows in sounds until its collected elements are swirling round you like a maelstrom. “But that’s every SONANCE song!” I can hear you say, but what make this different is that so far no instruments have been played. Instead of the bone shattering bass and heart jumping drums the same effect has been reached by layers and layers and layers of disorientating effects and Siren inducing feedback. When the band don’t kick in you feel slightly relieved as you’ve already been put through the ringer, emotionally, and that sonic explosion might have been the knock-out blow.



Cherry is the shorted song SONANCE have released to date, clocking in just under a minute. It follows on musically from That’s What it’s Like, but is a short spoken word piece. Oldest Harm is SONANCE doing what SONANCE do best. Making a massive noise chocked full of melody and emotion. When the band do kick it’s the musical equivalent of that Pantera album cover! BAM! Screeched vocals merge into wailing guitars. Destroy and Dismember follows quickly on Oldest Harm’s heels. It’s more of the same, massive riffs juggernaut into guttural screams and a diversive rhythm section, but there is an urgency that previous recordings have been missing. Capitulation is another soundscape like That’s What it’s Like, but unlike the opener it’s heavier and full of foreboding and malice. Basically they booked the EP perfectly.



Due to the shorter length of the EP, this is SONANCE writing concise ‘pop’ songs. It’s enthralling and totally mesmerising. The rumour is that these songs were written during the same sessions as the TORPOR split. Now, if they could have joined forces, that would have been a contender for album of the year!




With the release of Blister the Maw and the impending release of their split 12” with TORPOR, SONANCE look set to make their mark on 2016. Let’s hope that by December 31st, they’ve been crowned the loudest, heaviest and most inventive band on the scene!














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