02/02/2016 – Rexy-Don’t Turn Me Away (2016)

Rexy re-release their cult debut album for the first time. This was definitely worth the wait!



Imagine it’s the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. You’re in Covent Garden. This isn’t the tourist trap we know today, this was a dark and edgy piece of London where you only went if you had a reason. One reason to go was the The Blitz. Part club, part fashion show, it was a stomping ground for people who were bored of punk and had a shared love of pop, soul, disco and jazz. Rumour has it that the New Romantic scene was created on his fabled dancefloor. One band that met on the Blitz’ dancefloor was Rexy.



Comprising of Eurythmics member Vic Martin and fashion student Annabel ‘Rex’ Nayman, they bonded over a love for pop music and DIY clothing. The story goes that Martin walked up to Nayman and asked if she wanted to make a record solely based on her look. Nayman obviously said “Yes, cos why wouldn’t you” even though she didn’t know if she could sing or not. Martin already had a song and needed a front person and they immediately went to a nearby studio. As Nayman didn’t know what to do she just spoke the lyrics and Rexy was born. During these initial months Nayman and Martin became a couple.



The first track released was (Don’t) Turn Me Away, released months after their auspicious meeting. Original comparisons were to Laurie Anderson and Young Marble Giants, due to the spoken word delivery, drum machine and indelible bassline. Eventually an album Running out of Time was released in 1981. The album received positive reviews, but just as it was starting to go somewhere, Nayman and Martin broke up, then did the band. Then Rexy faded into the musical ether.



In the intervening years Rexy’s name has been whispered in darkened nightclubs corners and played by a select few to like-minded individuals. But now this is set to change as Lucky Number Records is re-releasing Running Out of Time. This is the first time it’s been available on CD and digitally.



If you are into Coonan Mockasin, Ariel Pink, Mount Kimbie, Joey Negro and Samantha Urbani this is an album for you!




Running Out of Time is released 19th March through Lucky Number/URU.















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