01/03/2016 – Merlin Tonto-Lava Island (2014)

Brighton’s premier Space Indie band take to the Prince Albert to showcase their new EP



Bands are ten a penny in Brighton. While on your lunch break you normally walk past a cross section of the cities musical population. What isn’t ten a penny however are musical mavericks. The people who are trying something different because they walk to a different beat. One of these such bands is Merlin Tonto. Since 2013 they’ve created electronic soundscapes that build on Owen Thomas’ carefully arranged compositions. Miles Boyd and Stefan Eliades back Thomas up on bass and drums. Imagine Holy Fuck’s little brothers having a whale of a time while creating some celestial soundscapes and you’re close.



The interplay of this trio have cemented Merlin Tonto not only as one of Brighton’s most formidable live acts, but inventive recording acts. Their debut EP Tano Dragon still sounds fresh and exciting as when it was originally released.



This week, March 3rd, sees the Indie Space trio take to the stage at The Prince Albert. The doors open at 20:00 and support on the night comes from INWARDS, and VCOADSR. Both have the ability to transport the audience to distant systems will with other worldly sounds and rhythms. This is definitely not to be missed if you love all things Kraftwerk, Vangelis and Add N to (X).



Tickets are available from the link below as well as a limited number on the door on the night.

















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