29/02/2016 – Jesuits-Hexx (2016)

Bristol’s Jesuits look set to capitalise on last year’s flawless debut single!



Last year the Jesuits released a single that typified a movement that’s be progressively growing for a few years. It’s a movement about independence, typified by large guitars, slight psych sounds and generally nor caring what is fashionable in Das Kapital. It’s a sound from the provinces that screams “We don’t need you. We can do this on our own. Yes we’re not from somewhere cool, but we have amazing songs!”



Now they’ve returned with a new EP called the Malthouse Session. Consisting of four songs the Malthouse Session doesn’t just showcase Jesuits’ proficiency at their weapons of choice, it also show’s their ability of composition and arrangement.



Petals // kronblad kicks things off in fine form. Diversive guitars coupled with driving drums, help to embed Petals // kronblad in your mind very quickly, even if the lead guitar lines does sound like Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger… Pescatori follows on in a similar fashion to the blistering opener. The guitars feel slightly toxic and the bass is almost understated perfection! Pescatori’s outro could be the stand out moment of the EP. If you can imagine a massive plane trying to land in the backroom of a pub, you’re close! Dao Dao has a slightly funky jam track vibe to it, Arthur Jay’s vocals have a Tom Meighan quality to them. Slightly out of tune, but full of vim and vigour. It matches the music perfectly as it bounces around from jubilant verses and claustrophobic choruses. Hexx is the most direct track on the EP. From its balls to the wall intro, it only lets up as it starts to fade out.



The only real downside it that these four song never quite eclipse last year’s Dinner Jazz and Carpet Floors, and the recording and mixing of Arthur Jay’s vocals could have been better, but overall the promise and inclination are there and the Jesuits are starting to look more and more like the real thing!

















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  1. I really admire originality and the ability to express one’s own voice, talents and unique qualities. The Jesuits sound like an amazing group who speak their truth and convey their powerful message through their music.
    Thank you for sharing!

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