25/02/2016 – Ocean Floor-Redland (2016)

Bristol’s Ocean Floor returns with heartbreaking single



Last year Bristol’s Ocean Floor released his flawless album Jupiter on vinyl. It was the sound of a live score of the Galileo space was it entered Jupiter’s atmosphere, but played on church organ. It was visceral just touching. Flamboyant yet subtle, but mostly it was totally captivating.



Now Ocean Floor has returned with a new EP called Redlands. With song titles like Blue Square, Red Brick Tower and Redland added to the cover of a darkened street with a solitary streetlamp proving the only illumination, the music conjures up late night sojourns through sleeping suburbia. Everything is still, expect for the piano/organ. This is you in this lurid anti-world, where you are the only inhabitant.



Like his previous work, mostly Jupiter, its mostly instrumental but instead of gargantuan organ swells, the weapon of choice is a piano, only Red Brick Tower sounds like Jupiter. There is no feedback or effects, just haunting melodies and delicate runs played at a slow and meandering pace.



Rumour has it that Ocean Floor is working on another long player and this is something that either didn’t fit into its overall scope and vision. Either way this is another flawless release from Bristol’s classical savant!
















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