24/02/2016 – PLAZA-Totem (2016)

Hartlepool quartet PLAZA release a prog indie gem!



Over the past few months there have been some interesting sub genres. Doom folk, dub pop and everyone’s favourite acrid jazz. But these have been topped by PLAZA on their debut single Totem. Math Prog Indie. On the surface this sounds like it would induce the kind of headache that only someone with a lamé cloak and a BSc could enjoy, but you’d be wrong!



In just under two minutes PLAZA ram in more note than they should, but it all flows wonderfully under diversive drums, pulsating bass and lilting vocals. What makes this even more remarkable is that this is PLAZA’s debut single! If they are showing this level of prowess and ingenuity now, what will they be capable of when they hit their stride?



Next month see them play these venues with TRASH


March 3rd – Little Buildings, Newcastle (w/ TRASH)
March 4th – O2 Institute, Birmingham (w/ TRASH)
March 5th – The Castle Hotel, Manchester (w/ TRASH)
March 6th – The Rocking Chair, Sheffield (w/ TRASH)
March 7th – Santiagos Grand Arcade, Leeds (w/ TRASH)



Get in if you can!



TOTEM is released by Beyond The Wall on Monday 28th February
















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