23/02/2016 – Globelamp-Washington Moon (2016)

Wichita Records announce new signing Globelamp. It’s time to start getting excited!



Right so 2016 just got a little bit better. Wichita Records have announced the signing of a new artist Globelamp. While this probably hasn’t filled you with incessant joy, hopefully by the time you finish reading this you will be.



Globelamp is the guise of Elizabeth Le Fey. Her music is the sound of Stevie Nicks, Tori Amos and Carol King swamped up in an ethereal fog while she tells fairy tales and sings of love, loss and redemption. Basically it’s beautiful and totally bewitching.



Still need more proof? Her debut album, The Orange Glow was written after a pretty soul destroying year and a half. Le Fey went through a break up and her best friend died, it’s the sound of someone who has been through the ringer and made it through, totally changed, but alive. Lyrics like “An ancient aching/It seemed so warm/The orange/The orange glow/I didn’t know I didn’t know.” pepper this the album.
Expect to hear a lot more about this exciting and captivating singer as the year progresses!



The Orange Glow is released June 10th. Pre-Order link below



















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