22/02/2016 – Guerilla Toss-Grass Shack (2016)

Guerilla Toss are set to release album number, wait, how many album have they released in six years….?



For the last six years Boston’s New Age Ragers Guerilla Toss have successfully ripped up, re-written, shredded and turned the musical rule book into a Dada art instillation. The lack of fucks that they have is probably equal to the amount of albums they’ve made in this time frame. Now they’re set to return with yet another journey to the other side of rock, that is simply titled Eraser Stargazer. What you were expecting Guerilla Toss II?



Unexpectedly the title comes from a line in the Grateful Dead track Row Jimmy. If you are expecting a pleasant jaunt through lite-psych or revivalism you should probably put on your copy of Wake of the Flood and brew some Chi-tea as this is as far as the comparison goes. The lead single Grass Shack is just under seven minutes of noise, confusion and fun.



Yes at times it does become slightly unyielding, convoluted and try hard, but there are moments of sheer brilliance, like when singer Kassie Carlson’s vocal first appear and the salubrious outro. But what Grass Shack does is show since singing to DFA Records Guerilla Toss haven’t lost any of the creative spark and urgency that set them aside from their peers in the first place!



Eraser Stargazer is released on March 4th. Pre-order the album here



















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