21/02/2016 – ∆N†i vØx Aи L†D-[Octobe26,1994] (2016)

∆N†i vØx Aи L†D releases a concept album based on the Blair Witch Project, and like the film it’s a dark brooding masterpiece!



In the pantheon of music and concept albums one that hasn’t really been touched is the Blair Witch Project. This is a shame as when you think about it, as the Blair Witch Project is fill of emotional energy that could relate perfectly to a musical project. Well now Japanese musician ∆N†i vØx Aи L†D has!



The Blair Witch Project is a collection of ten tracks that tell the story of the film. The title of each track relates to a moment in the film. It opens with [Octobe20,1994] interviews. Musically it is all white noise, reversed loops, vocal samples and muted beats. It conjures up the eerie, jubilant and slightly sinister nature of the start of the film. [Octobe21,1994] Black Rock Road has more of structure to it, and it follows a more conventional song structure. Hypnotic beats interlock with a driving bass and everything has a slight punk vibe to it. [Octobe22,1994] Valid Rock has a more tribal atmospheric quality to it.



As the album progresses it jumps around musically from what the first three tracks offered and goes off into more unchartered territories. Lurid soundscapes rub shoulders with full on bass and beats. The album closes with [October16,1995] CP-16 filmcamera. Shards of static are juxtaposed with synth blips and throbs. There is an underlying feeling of malice and confusion. As the music picks up pace it starts to music gets more and more aggressive and like the film the conclusions are all your own.
















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