19/02/2016 – BHPSTR-SPLENDOR (2016)

BHPSTR might have released 2016’s most magnetic and arty electro albums!



After listen into SUT at times it’s hard to see where the music ends and the performance artist starts. GETOVERIT sounds like a mixture of Prince and Flight of the Conchords, but with a dollop of DADA soundscapes thrown in for good measure. Despite its name BASIC 101 is one of the most interesting, immediate and cohesive tracks on the album. It could easily play at any pop-n-lock-a-thon thanks to a, well, popping back beat and woozy synths. TMD see BHPSTR teaming up with Dammer and Jham for something that encroaches on a Lynchian nightmare sequence, but like all surrealism keeps itself grounded by having flourishes of reality.



While this isn’t an album for everyone, anyone who has an interested lurid electronica, skewed out Hip-Hop and Dada pop would find enough here to fill their boots, and headphones!

















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