18/02/2016 – Starchild and the New Romantics-Slammin’ Mannequin (2016)

Prince circa 1979 – 1982 X Future Soul = Starchild and the New Romantics



In recent years the flamboyant multi-instrumentalist pop star has faded to a distant memory. It appeared that gone were days when one artist was responsible for everything committed to tape, or hard drive if you will. But just like Nirvana T-Shirts, political stand-up and 60’s jangly guitars, it’s come back into fashion.



One of the musicians leading this revolution is Bryndon Cook and his Starchild and the New Romantics project. While his name might not mean much, his insane CV might. Cook is the 23 year guitarist for Solange, Kindness, and Chairlift. He’s signed to Ghostly International, even more kudos points have been added on because of this fact, and he is about to release his debut EP Crucial on March 25th.



Like his hero Prince, Starchild wrote, produced and played every note on Crucial. What’s more like Prince’s early work it’s nigh on flawless. Slammin’ Mannequin is full tight beats, enlarged bass, brazen synths and enough innuendo laden lyrics to make a nun blush! Think of Prince circa 1979 – 1982 and you’re on the right tracks, but this isn’t a revivalist vanity project, oh no, it’s full of contemporary production and composition, as you’d expect given Cook’s crucial CV!



Pre-orders can be made from the link below…



















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