17/02/2016 – Birth of Joy-Hands Down (2016)

The Birth of Joy look set to eclipse what they’ve ready released!



Calling the Birth of Joy a pysch band is like calling the White Stripes a blues band. Yes they share elements of the genre, but they are something far more interesting. Ad-hoc time signatures, dense layers of guitars and organs, pummelling bass all work in unison to create something that is as enjoyable as it is punishing!


After meeting at uni and sharing a love of Deep Purple and all things garage rock they decided to have a go are creating a hybrid of their collective influences. Prisoner, their debut album, showcases all this, but its 2016’s forthcoming Get Well album that really shows what the Birth of Joy can do. Put in the simplest terms, Prisoner is like a test drive in a new car. You want to make sure everything works, but you can’t really find out what it CAN do until later. You’re happy enough with what you’ve seen, and felt, to warrant buying it. Then after a little while, you embark on a long journey to not only test the car, but yourself in it. Get Well this is journey.



All I’m going to say about Get Well now is that is Hands Down closes the whole affair, so imagine what comes before it….




Get Well is released 26th February on Long Branch Records/SPV
















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