16/02/2016 – The Lucid Dream-Bad Texan (2016)

The Lucid Dream just went big, you better go home



Carlisle isn’t really the place you’d think that would be spearheading the psych explosion of 2015. But this exactly what happened. Last year The Lucid Dream’s self-titled second album was voted best psych album of the year by Drowned in Sound, as well as getting rave reviews from Uncut, Q, the Skinny and Louder then War. It was an album that showed that the genre was more and just a few bands with long hair, a load of effects pedals and a collective devotion to the Nuggets collections.



Instead of sitting on their laurels, they’ve gone back to the studio and come up with the Bad Texan, something that sees this trio exploring their sound and finding new ways to push the boundaries. To say this is the most cohesive and immediate thing they’ve released might be going a step too far, but it’s definitely up there with them.



Basically this is just Primal Scream’s epic Shoot Speed/Kill Light but re-imagined. It pulsates, throbs, glistens and sounds amazing for just under seven minutes. At time it’s as thick and impenetrable as a piece of obsidian and at others it has the texture of smoke. What more could you ask for?
















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