15/02/2016 – Tacocat-Powerpuff Girls Theme (2016)

Tacocat just made shit just get real!



OK when I first heard that the Powerpuff Girls was getting a re-boot I was against it. When it first came out Powerpuff Girls was a big part of my life. I was at college and after a hard day of learning a few of us would decamp to a friend’s (parents) house, listen to music, watch MTV Up For It, as it was on during the day, play video games, study/brainstorm projects and watch Powerpuff Girls. Hell we even invented a drinking game based around it!



One of the things that made the original series so good was that it didn’t take itself too seriously, it was laden with adult jokes and the title and credit sequences had badass music! All of us had cut our musical teeth on Britpop and had grown up watching Top of the Pops. For most people their defining moment was that awful Oasis/Blur ‘war’, for me it was watching Bis perform Kandy Pop on TotP. Which leads be nicely back to Powerpuff Girls.



Bis recorded the music for the credit sequence for the show. For all of you who can’t remember it, SHAME, here it is





As you can see it matches the tone of the original show perfectly. So you can imagine my worry about when the re-boot was announced. However it appears that I might have been a little bit premature, as Tacocat have released their title song for the new show.



Everything about this screams fun and hilarity. It’s short, to the point and incredibly cute. The animation looks almost the same. Granted we haven’t heard their new voices or seen how a full episode is going to play out, but I’m feeling happier about the whole thing now. So It’s all gonna be alright, right….?
















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  1. To be honest, I’ve never even heard of the Powerpuff girls before now. Thank you for introducing me to them. Very Cute and Fun!!

    • The Powerpuff Girls is a TV show, watch it. The band are Tacocat, listen to them!

  2. Visiting from the UBC. I remember Powerpuff Girls. My kids used to watch just about every episode on tv! :O)

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