13/02/2016 – Hookworms-Form and Function (2012)

Hookworms re-issue debut EP with added tracks



In 2011 a band released an EP. This in itself its anything that unusual, but the band in question is Hookworms. Their self-titled EP showcased the Leeds Psych Noise outfit’s ability not only for composition but for their lack of respect for musical trends and traditions. Almost immediately they attracted some famous fans including Bobbie Gillespie, Charlotte Church and Julian Cope, who said of the EP its’s “an epic 26 minutes of sub –Zabriskie Point ambient road-movie heat haze-on-the-road sonic wipeout of the post-loop variety” As usual Cope is right.




Now Hookworms have decided to re-issue this EP, but before you start thinking “I’m not buying this. I already have it”, it has three extra tracks. Form and Function, Deu and The Correspondent. These aren’t new songs, but they are fantastic. Form and Function originally appeared on a split 7” with Kogumaza, Due originally appeared on Spur: Volume One and The Correspondent was on the Psych For Sore Eyes 7”. What is remarkable it that while the songs were recorded at different times they fit in perfectly with the original tracks.



The expanded version is released March 4th on Gringo Records/Faux Discs.
















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