12/02/2016 – Public Memory-Zig Zag (2016)

Public Memory has so far not put a step wrong!



While we really enjoy it when one of your favourite musicians releases an album on the sly, there is something to be said for the old methods. There is something to be said for whetting appetites! Release a single, leave it a few weeks/months. Release another single. Then after the third release the album. This is exactly what Robert Toher AKA Public Memory is doing!



The two cuts released from Public Memory’s debut album, Wuthering Drum, were stark experimentations in minimalism. Not only did they sound like the soundtrack to a H.R. Giger picture, they were totally fascinating and mesmerising! Toher has now returned with a third track from Wuthering Drum, Zig Zag.



Like the title dictates, Zig Zag juts about this why then skews another without a moment’s thought for the listener’s well-being, and Zig Zag is all the better for it. A repetitive hypnotic beat pushes everything forward why hazy lyrics swirl around, never giving their true form, only a glimpse of what has been. The bass has the possibility to be a total juggernaut, depending on how the live sets pan out and your stereo set up. This that illusive sound that Emika and Jessy Lanza are searching for to put their own stamp on, but so far haven’t quite hit the mark.



Wuthering Drum March 18th release date is getting closer so we haven’t got much time to wait to see if it lives up to the initial hype. Everything is pointing that it will, but that element of doubt just make the wait that little but more exciting!














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