10/02/2016 – Zooz-Redeem (2016)

Zooz return with jubilant new single



Don’t you just love it when everything just clicks together? Just as the weather is starting to get a bit warmer and lighter in the evening those jangly guitar worriers Zooz unleash a beast of a song, Redeem, that while the lyrics are slightly morose and melancholy the music is uplifting and full of the joys of spring!



Sounding like it was written and recorded in some sun lashed studio, rather than in grey old London town, Redeem is a story of love, loss and redemption, like all the great songs are. But that underpins everything Redeem stands for, and Zooz for that matter, is their ability to back up even the most mournful subject matter with exquisitely jubilant music. The guitars crackly with optimism and hope while the drums bounce and skitter along their merry way.



It can’t be long before Zooz put out a long player as the music they’ve released so far has been sublime to say the least. But for now bask in the glow of Redeem until the weather is warm enough to bask properly!



Oh and it’s produced by The Death of Pop too. What more could you ask for…?
















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  1. Alas, nothing appeared in the Soundcloud window and I couldn’t find this to play on You Tube. I could have used some “getting warmer” weather music. Here in the States it is getting colder. But we are seeing the sun from time to time.

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